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We Are Bodied is a health and wellness website, here to promote the message that fit is a feeling, rather than a certain look. On this site you will find free workout programs, playlists, recipes, articles and blog posts. Our aim is to provide all women with the tools to increase their fitness, energy and confidence.

We know that the most incredible and sustainable physical changes come from within. We are here to help you achieve your most healthy, incredible body yet, from the inside out.

Ruby Richardson, the founder of We Are Bodied, has 6 years experience as a personal trainer, and a lifetime of experience working on her own body image. During her time as a trainer she worked with people from all walks of life, but was always especially passionate about helping women to feel strong and confident in their skin. After a particularly testing year, she decided life was too short to be spent disliking yourself and battling your body and began a regime aimed at feeling her best, from which she has never looked back. She hopes to spread this way of thinking to other women, and help them to live their best lives.

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