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Feeling Myself – Taking Solo Play To The NEXT Level

Is there anything more worthy of investment than your orgasms? Probably not. Its been said that batteries are easier to come by than boyfriends, and the best news is that in the age of USB rechargeable devices, you need not worry about either. Whether you have someone else feeling you or not, you’ll never regret being able to blow your own mind. Read on for life changing sites and products to take your solo bedroom game to the next level. 

Great for: being a game changer 

The Womanizer

Have you ever had an orgasm from a device that felt like it was sucking your soul out of your body, but in the best way? The Womanizer uses suction technology to deliver completely different sensations from traditional vibrators. This is one investment piece that is worth the hype, but if you’re not looking to break the bank, The Satisfyer is a similar product with a lower price tag.

Great for: extra lubrication and.. your hair?

Über Lube

This is a multi-purpose product is a lubricant that you’ll actually want to leave on, with your skin feeling softer after use. Body friendly and free of petrochemicals, parabens and preservatives it lasts the distance and is less likely to interfere with the natural PH levels of your body. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle that does not draw any unwanted attention to your nightstand, and the pump top delivers the perfect amount of product, even in the dark.

Great for: more room for activities 

Fin Finger Vibe

Worn between two fingers with an optional tether, the Fin Finger Vibe leaves your hands more free for other activities. The Fin succeeds where other small vibrators fail in its quality, design and rechargability. It also has two sides for more pinpointed or broad stimulation. Created by Dame, the company behind the worlds first hands-free, strap-free vibrator, Eva, designed to bridge the orgasm gap in heterosexual sex.

Great for: relinquishing control

Hitachi Magic Wand

There is a reason that the Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the most famous sex toys on the planet. It is practically idiot proof. The Magic Wand has been a beloved bedroom staple for over 30 years, and for good reason. The large surface area of the head and powerful vibration makes it easy for a partner to use on you with very little room for error, or on yourself with even less. 

Great for: hitting all the spots

The Perfect Match

What separates The Perfect Match from other rabbit vibrators is that it is entirely flexible, meaning you can customise its shape to suit your body. We are all built differently and most rabbit vibes on the market are a rigid, one size fits all approach which is not fun. The Perfect Match allows for internal and external stimulation in all the right places.

Great for: improving the old school


Surveying over 20,000 women to find consistent trends on increasing female pleasure, with the results shared in honest, informative and shameless content. Season one focuses on external pleasure, while recently released season two is all about internal stimulation. A one off payment makes the videos accessible for a lifetime and best of all, money spent on memberships helps fund further research into female pleasure, something we could all do with knowing a little more about.

Great for: getting your ears involved


Founded by Caroline Spiegel, also known as the younger sibling of the guy who invented Snapchat. Don’t sleep on Caroline however, as she is seriously onto something with Quinn. The audio clips allow you to get out of your head and immersed in the experience. While researching this piece as the master multitasker and true professional that I am, I listened to a few clips in the office (British Filth, just FYI) and needless to say I’ve never been more paranoid about a headphone malfunction in my life.

Get yours, hunnies.

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Feeling Myself – Taking Solo Play To The NEXT Level

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