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Everything You Need To Know About Our 6 Week Program

Our workouts were created after years of working with women and discovering what workouts they loved to do, made them feel energised and amazing in their own skin. Here’s a few reasons why we think you’ll love them:

  • It’s free!

We wanted to create a programme that was first and foremost accessible

  • It’s progressive

The workouts are designed for progressive overload, meaning they increase in difficulty each week, which helps obtain the best results and prevents injury. 

  • You can add more weight

If you are into a bit of heavy lifting, it is possible to add more weight to the exercises, particularly in the Build Your Buns and Get It Tight workouts.

  • You can do it (almost) anywhere

We don’t recommend doing these workouts in the supermarket, at the bank or in the middle of a first date, but you can complete them just about anywhere else. The equipment has been kept minimal and can be found in most gyms, or is inexpensive to purchase for your home.

  • It’s for anyone

The workouts are designed with options for beginner to advanced and can be completed at varying levels of intensity.

  • You can repeat workout days

Fitter and faster is your goal? Repeat the Burn Baby Burn workout for extra anaerobic exercise. Bigger booty is what you’re after? Double up on the Build Your Buns.

  • It can be an addition to your existing fitness routine 

Have a fitness routine you already love? Slot these workouts in and spice things up a bit!

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